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South African bio-clinical skincare brand, Esse, is celebrating a significant milestone in 2022 – 20 years of leveraging biotechnology to provide significant anti-ageing benefits through probiotics and other actives in serums and moisturisers. To provide consumers with the opportunity to experience the skincare benefits of probiotics, Esse is launching four customised anti-ageing packs containing serums and moisturisers, with a 50% discount off the serum for a limited time only.


Pack 1: Resurrect Serum + Hydro Moisturiser: Suitable for normal / oily, sensitive skin

Pack 2: Resurrect Serum + Nourish Moisturiser: Suitable for dry, sensitive skin

Pack 3: Hyluronic Serum + Rich Moisturiser: Suitable for dry skin

Pack 4: Hyaluronic Serum + Deep Moisturiser: Suitable for normal / combination skin


1 .Esse’s Resurrect Serum

A key ingredient is an extract of Myrothamnus flabellifolia, the Namibian ‘resurrection’ plant, which can dry out during long periods of drought and will revive when water becomes available again. To avoid DNA damage, the plant employs a high level of antioxidant protection which is carried across into the serum. This is a hydrating and plumping serum for those with sensitive skin who want to address the signs of ageing without initiating an immune response. BIOME+ level 2 and 3 probiotics, as well as prebiotics in the serum support a balanced skin microbiome, signalling to skin cells to improve barrier function and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Research findings:

Research carried out in Bonn, Germany, focused on 20 women who used the Esse Resurrect Serum twice a day. After two weeks, results showed a reduction in wrinkle depth averaging 5.3%, which increased to 12.9% after 28 days. An incredible 95% of the study volunteers noted a positive effect on the skin.

2. Esse’s Hyaluronic Serum

This is an intensely hydrating serum with anti-inflammatory action to slow ageing, provide hydration, and reduce inflammation. This serum contains 1 million inactivated Lactobacillus bacteria per ml (BIOME+ level 3) and an extract of lysed bacterial cells (BIOME+ level 2). These probiotic extracts protect from pathogens and signal to skin cells to improve barrier function and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Hyaluronic acid has been shown to hold 10 times its weight in water. It’s intensely hydrating with an instant plumping effect. It also interrupts the inflammatory cascade and boosts penetration of other actives and follow-on products.


All Esse moisturisers contain BIOME+ LEVEL 2 and 3 probiotics and prebiotics to support a balanced skin microbiome. For the Anti-Ageing Packs, we’ve included a selection of moisturisers that are suited to a range of skin types and conditions, pairing each with a serum that complements its activity. This allows you to choose a pack that is tailored to suit your specific needs.


As a bioclinical skincare range, Esse prioritises the microbiome, including probiotics and prebiotics across its product range, providing significant health benefits. Just as you can benefit from probiotics for your gut, so you can from probiotics for your skin.

Probiotics are live microorganisms which – when administered in adequate amounts – confer a health benefit on the host (you). The benefits include:

  • Protection from pathogens
  • Improved barrier function to block toxins and pathogens
  • Manufacturing moisturising factors including hyaluronic acid and lactic acid
  • Maintaining skin pH
  • Reducing skin sensitivity and correcting immune response
  • Slowing the ageing process

In skincare, there are several types of probiotic ingredients, though not all are true probiotics. Some examples include liquid broths in which microbes were grown and then filtered off (BIOME+ level 1), lysates (extracts of probiotic cells – BIOME+ level 2), tyndallised microbes (whole probiotic cells which are inactivated by heat – BIOME+ level 3), and finally, various strains and species of living probiotics, which can grow and divide (BIOME+ level 4). Technically, only level 4 probiotics match the definition of a true probiotic, as they are alive. Check out this video, which explains these four ways to deliver probiotics in skincare.

The mode of action and effect on the skin microbiome can differ immensely between ingredients. The use of live probiotics is the most beneficial – but the most challenging to deliver. Across Esse’s skincare range, BIOME+ levels 2 to 4 are used, delivering tailored and optimised support to the skin.

The Esse Anti-Ageing Packs support a healthy microbiome and promote the strengthening of skin structures. This lowers inflammation and slows the signs of ageing – healthy skin ages slower. The Packs are available for a limited time only from your nearest Esse stockist. To find out more about Esse, visit